The Recipes section contains several pre-configured workflows that you can readily use. Some of these workflows are added to the Recipes by Integration admin, while others are shared by workflow users. You simply need to import them to your ‘Projects’ section to start using them. 

When you click on the Recipes tab or Check Recipes link, you will get a list of workflows that you can import.

When you click on it, you will see two sections:

1. My Recipes

2. All Recipes

Importing workflows Integration allows you to import workflows from recipes or your local storage.

My Recipes Integration allows you to upload workflow-specific schema onto the recipes section. Once uploaded, these schemas are automatically converted to workflows which you can import to your projects.

To do this, login to Integration, click Recipes, and then click Import Recipe.


You will be prompted to upload the schema-file for the workflow you want to import. 


Select the workflow schema you want to upload and click Open. You will be redirected back to the My Recipes screen, where you can see the workflow card for the schema you just uploaded. 


Now that this workflow is added to My Recipes section, you can import it anytime to your project. The procedure to import workflows from My Recipes section and All Recipes section remains the same (explained below).

All Recipes

To use the workflows available in the Recipes section, you will have to first import them to your project. To do this, navigate to Dashboard and click on the Recipes tab. You will see the list of all workflows available in the Integration Recipes.

Each workflow card contains the icons associated with the connectors being used in the workflow and workflow name.


Click on the card associated with the workflow you want to import. You will be prompted to specify the project where you want to import the workflow.


Once this is done, click Done. This will redirect you to the Import workflow form screen where you will see the workflow name, description, along with the account fields and lookup fields (if any) associated with the connectors being used in the workflow.


Provide the relevant details in the specified fields and click Import.

This will import the selected workflow in the specified project. You can now execute this workflow anytime you want.

Exporting workflows to Recipes

You can submit your custom workflows to the Integration recipe section.

To do so, navigate to the project in which the workflow you want submit to Recipes exists. Locate the card for the workflow you want to submit to Recipes, and click on the ellipsis icon that appears on the top-right corner of the card.


From the dropdown options, select Export Workflow. You can add/modify workflow details such as name, description, along with the field descriptions and parameters that will be displayed to the users when they import this workflow from the recipes section.


Once you are done, click Export. The .ZIP folder for your workflow will be automatically created and downloaded on your local machine. You can then upload this folder to My Recipe section (as explained in the Importing workflows > My Recipes section above). 

Once your workflow is uploaded to My Recipes section, you can send an email to our customer support team to get it approved and make it available for all users globally.