Debug Panel

The Debug panel provides you with the execution details of the most recently executed workflow. It includes 2 sections:

1. Actions
2. Logs

The Debug panel also shows the following details for each executed workflow:

: Specifies the time spent on executing the workflow, in seconds.

Last Run
: Specifies the most recent date and time at which the workflow was executed.

Credits Used
: Specifies the number of credits used to execute the workflow.

: Specifies the container size being used for the workflow execution.

Let's understand more about the sections mentioned above:



This section contains the details of all actions used in your workflow. It includes the following parameters:

Action name: Specifies the name of the action that was used in the workflow. When you click on the action name, you will see a new panel which shows the input and output details of that particular action.


Status: Specifies whether the workflow was executed or not.

Time: Specifies the time needed to execute the workflow, in microseconds.

Timeline: Specifies the timeline for the workflow that was executed.



This section contains the details of Gmail action output and errors (if any).