Creating First Workflow

Start automating your tasks by creating workflows in Integration. Understand how to add and configure trigger and actions to your workflow and then test the workflow to ensure that it's working as expected.

Select or add project Create a blank workflow Set up trigger Set up action Complete and save your workflow Trigger your workflow


Manage your workflows better by Segregating your workflows into projects. Know how to create and manage projects, add workflows to projects, how to import workflows from the Integration recipes and how to manage project-level authorizations and parameters.

Create a New Project Edit a Project Delete a Project Working with Projects


Start setting up triggers to fire-off workflows on specific events. Know the types of triggers, how they work, and how to configure them, and learn how to add and delete triggers from workflows or Integration.

Trigger Example Types of triggers Adding a new trigger Editing a trigger Deleting a trigger


Set up actions for performing specific tasks. Know what an action is, how to add it to workflow and configure it, how to test actions and the additional actions you can perform on an action.

Connectors Panel How To Use Actions In Workflow


Automatically fetch data from your external web services with accounts. Learn what is an account, how it works, and how to create accounts for external web services

Creating accounts Managing project-level accounts Managing workflow-specific accounts Configuring OAuth V2.0 authentication

Workflow Settings

Manage data and execution settings of your workflow. Know how to access workflow settings, manage accounts and connections used in the workflow, add or delete workflow parameters, and configure workflow execution related settings.

Accounts Parameters Execution Settings


Import/export workflows from Integration recipes. Learn how to import web service-specific workflows from recipes to your account and export your custom workflows to the recipes.

Exporting workflows to Recipes Importing workflows from Recipes

Debug Panel

Get execution details of your workflows. Learn how to get action-level execution details such as execution status, execution time, and execution log for each workflow action. Also, know how to get the console logs and error details related to your workflow.

Action Logs