How to retrieve the value of a custom field

There are some applications that let you create custom fields while creating objects or records. When you integrate Integration with such applications, it provides a Custom Fields block that lets you pass values for the specified custom fields. In this guide, we will understand how to retrieve the values of these custom fields. 

Let's say you want to retrieve the name (form field) and address (custom field) of a particular attendee of your EventMobi account, and send it to a specific recipient by email. To do this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 - Add actions

Add EventMobi connector and Send an Email action on canvas and connect them as shown below:


Step 2. Configure Get Attendee Details action

Double-click the EventMobi application icon, select the Get Attendee Details action and add or create the EventMobi account you want to use to execute the action.


Once this is done, click Next. 

Here, you will see the action configuration form. Provide the values for the form input fields as instructed below:

Event Shortcode: Enter the event shortcode. If your event app URL is, then sample123 will be the event shortcode. 

Attendee ID: Select/specify the ID of the attendee whose name and address details you want to retrieve.


Once you have entered the details, click Next, test the action (optional), and click on Done. This will take you back to the canvas.

Step 3. Configure Send an Email action

We will now configure the Send an Email action. To do so, double-click the Send an Email action and click Next

In the action configuration window that appears, provide values for the following fields:

To: Enter the email ID of the recipient to whom you want to send the attendee details.

Subject: Enter a suitable subject line.

Body: Since we need to send only the name and address of the attendee, we will include only those output parameters in the result.

First, click on the first_name key given on the left-hand side of the configuration window under Get Attendee Details output parameters. This will retrieve the name of the attendee.

The next parameter we need (i.e., Address key) is defined as a custom field and hence will be listed under the custom_fields_values key of Get Attendee Details action.

Locate the custom_fields_values key and click on the + icon given beside it to expand it. You will see a list of properties for the specified custom field. Since we need just the value of the custom field, click on the value key. This will retrieve the address of the attendee. 


Once you have entered the details, click on Next, test the action, and click on Done to return on the canvas. Then, click the Test button located at the top-right corner of the canvas to run the workflow. This will retrieve the name and address of the specified attendee from your EventMobi account and will send it to the specified recipient through via Gmail.

Note: In case you have defined more than one custom field, then you can retrieve the values of multiple custom fields, by simply changing the index value of the parameter. so, for instance, if you have defined three customs fields, then the index value of the first custom field will be 0, the index value of the second custom field will be 1, and the index value of the third custom field will be 2.

The parameters to be passed to retrieve the values of first and second custom fields are {{$a23.custom_fields_values[0].value}} and {{$a23.custom_fields_values[1].value}}.