How to get data from the action and push it to another

The output of the first action can be used as an input for another action by using the keys given on the left-side of the configuration window. Let’s see how to do this with the help of an example.

In this example workflow, we will fetch the details of a particular campaign from your Marketo account, and use those details to create a new campaign in your Salesforce account.

Step 1 - Add actions

To do this, add Marketo and Salesforce connectors to your Integration canvas, and connect them in the order shown below:


Step 2 - Use output

Configure the Marketo-getLeadById action

Double click the Marketo connector icon and select the getLeadById action from the Select Action drop down list. When you do this, two more fields will be populated in the window.

Provide the name for the action and select/add the account for Marketo , and click Next.


Next, select/specify the ID of the campaign that you want to fetch in the Campaign ID field.

Once this is done, click Next and test the action by clicking on the Test button. This serves two purposes: First, it checks whether the action has been configured properly or not, and second, it fetches the details of the latest campaign and displays it in the output tab.


Once this is done, click Done to return to the canvas.

Configure the Salesforce — createLeads action

We will now configure the Salesforce — createLeads action. To do so, double-click the Salesforce connector icon, select the Create Campaign action in the window that appears, and select the appropriate Salesforce account you want to use to execute the action. Once this is done, click Next.


Here, you can see the output data of the Marketo — getLeadById action on the left-side of the screen. This output data includes output keys returned by the action output. You can use these keys to provide inputs for the Salesforce - Create Leads action.


Similar Instances

Similarly, you can add other details of the campaign, such as company and city


Once you are done with this, click Next.

You can now optionally test the configured action by clicking Test or go back to canvas by clicking Done.

Now, when you Save and Test this workflow, Integration will then automatically fetch the details of the specified Marketo campaign and, using those details, create a new Salesforce campaign.