How to change the state of a Nest thermostat

You can remotely change the state of your Nest thermostat with Integration platform.

Let's understand how to do it with the help of an example.

How it works

Let’s say, you want to create a workflow that sets the state of your Nest thermostat to home at 6 p.m. everyday. 

To do this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Add and configure the Clock trigger as shown below:

Trigger Label: Enter a suitable name for the trigger.

Trigger type:
Select the Repeat From option from the drop-down list. This instructs the trigger to repeat at regular intervals, starting from the specified date and time.

Select the date from which you want to start the repeat trigger.

Enter the time from which you want to start the repeat trigger. For the purpose of this workflow, we will set it to 6 p.m. (i.e., 18:00)

Select the timezone for the trigger start time.

Runs on every:
Select the trigger interval. The trigger will be fired off every time after the interval specified here. Since we need to get the temperature every day, select 1 Day from the drop-down list.


Step 2: Once you have entered the details, click Done. This will take you back to canvas.

Step 3: Add Nest connector to the canvas and connect it to the Clock trigger.

Step 4: Next, double-click the Nest connector icon, select the Set State of Structure action from the Select Action drop down list, and select the Nest account you want to use to execute the action.

Once this is done, click Next.

In the action configuration form that appears next, provide the details as given below:

Set State:
Set the state to home. This action will ensure that the state is changed to home when the clock triggers off at a specified time.


Step 5: Once you have entered all the details, click the Next button, Test the action, and click the Done button to return to the canvas. Connect this action to the Stop icon and Save the workflow.

Now, every day at 6 p.m., this integration will be triggered. As a result, it will set the state of your Nest thermostat from away to home.