Release 10.15

Explore the release highlights for Software AG My Cloud version 10.15.


New features and enhancements Description
Release 10.15.1
Support for Free Trial and Free Forever Subscriptions for Software AG Cloud Products Users can now subscribe to either Free Trial or Free Forever subscriptions for Software AG Cloud products during sign up with Software AG My Cloud. The difference between two subscription types are as follows:

  • Free Trial - allows users to use the product for 30 days for evaluation and testing purposes only.

  • Free Forever - allows users to use the product including for production, with no expiration date but limited in functionality. If a Free Forever subscription is inactive for some time, it is suspended and eventually terminated.
Based on the selected subscription type, the corresponding terms and conditions are displayed to the user.

Software AG Cloud products are available as either a Free Trial or a Free Forever edition. For instance, Integration is available only as a Free Forever edition and Cumulocity IoT is available only as a Free Trial.

Users can sign up for any one free subscription directly from Software AG Cloud using the Try for free button. After the free account is created, users can login to My Cloud and start one or more free subscriptions for other products.

Limit of one free Software AG Cloud account per email Software AG Cloud now limits the number of free accounts to one per email address.
Earlier, the same email could be used for many independent free trials and free forever subscriptions. With this change, within one free account, users can create or link up to three connected environments. Within each environment, users can subscribe to one or more free trials or free forever subscriptions.

See the Creating new free environments video to learn more about how to manage different environments and free subscriptions in Software AG Cloud.

Reminder emails for upcoming free trial expiration Software AG Cloud now sends reminder emails to users when their free trial subscription ends in seven days and again sends a reminder before two days. The email includes instructions about how to extend the free trial or how to contact Software AG for converting to a paid subscription.
API access for Software AG Cloud A new public API is available in Software AG Cloud environments for User Management. These APIs allow a Cloud Tenant Administrator or Account Administrator to:

  • perform create, read, update, and delete operations for users associated with a free or paid Software AG Cloud environment

  • reset a user’s password, or unlock a username that has been temporarily locked

  • add or remove role assignments for users

These APIs are available at Software AG Cloud User Management API.
API Access Tokens Users are now authenticated through API access tokens when invoking APIs for Software AG Cloud products. The API access tokens are implemented using the Authorization Bearer headers in the API calls. API access tokens are generated and deleted by individual users. The number of access tokens per environment is limited to 10 and one per user. When a user is deleted from Software AG My Cloud, their API access token is also deleted and any further use of that access token to authenticate fails.

The API access token policy is configurable by Cloud Tenant Administrators or Account Administrators in the Administration section of My Cloud.

Release 10.15.0
Self-service Free Trial Subscription Extensions Users can now extend their Free Trial subscription for two times of 30 days each. Each time they extend, the subscription period is extended to 30 days beyond the current expiration date. The Extend Free Trial option is available in My Cloud only during the last 14 days of the existing trial period and for a short period of time after expiration, before access to the product is disabled.

A new option, Extend Free Trial, has been provided in the My Cloud dashboard for allowing users to extend the Free Trial period.

Software AG no longer accepts requests to extend trials through an email. Users interested in continuing to use the product after the extended trial period must contact Software AG Sales.
New Sign up URL for Partners Software AG now provides select partners with a URL that allows them to sign up for a free trial for Software AG Cloud products for 90 days instead of 30 days, with the End-to-End Monitoring feature enabled, and the ability to create up to three environments within the same free account.