Managing User Interface Permissions

Delegated administration access enables administrators to provide restricted access to users with granular permissions to specific MFT screens. With controlled access to MFT screens; users can edit and view only the specified set of assets they are assigned permissions to and not the entire data.

Configuring UI Permissions to Software AG Cloud Users

The MFT user interface can be accessed by:

Note: In this section, all administrators and users are Software AG Cloud users.

To configure UI permissions

  1. In the navigation pane, select UI permissions.
  2. On the UI permissions page, click
  3. In the Add Users dialog box:

    • Click Users tab.
    • Select the Software AG Cloud user from the list or by searching.
    • Click Add.

  4. Select a user.

    • Under UI permissions, select the assets and the respective functional actions.
    • Click Save.
    The users are configured with access to specific MFT assets and functional actions.

Note: Users who are added to the MFT UI permissions page but are not given access to any of the assets will not be able to log into MFT. You must provide users with access to MFT screens and functional actions to enable users to log into MFT.

Searching UI Permissions for Software AG Cloud Users

Search the UI permissions list to view the MFT asset permissions assigned to the users.

Note: Software AG Cloud users without administrative permissions cannot fetch users in the UI permissions page.

To search for asset permissions assigned to users

  1. In the navigation pane, select UI permissions.
  2. On the UI permissions page, type a user name in the search field.
  3. Click Search.