Release Readme

Explore release highlights, important changes, known issues, and usage notes for MFT.

Getting Started

Get started with a product overview, MFT features and capabilities, supported protocols, and typical usage scenarios.


Clients can connect to MFT through the configured listeners to transfer files and execute other commands, such as obtaining a directory listing.

Virtual Folders

Create a Virtual File System (VFS) to provide an abstract view of resources on your remote server such as FTP and SFTP protocols.


Define actions and trigger them to enable the server to perform a configured task or set of tasks.

Users and Templates

Configure user profile restrictions by using pre-defined or customized template settings.


View file transactions, the action execution details for post-processing and scheduled actions.


Use user-certificate mapping to validate a client login based on the client certificate and fetch the user details associated with the certificate.


Learn more about how to configure listener preferences, audit settings, and MFT to send emails.

UI Permissions

Assign user permissions to view and edit assets.

Asset Movement

Import and export assets in zip files within the cloud environment.

Database Archival

Store file transactions and action executions in the MySQL database and archive data available to an archive database.

Account Settings

Configure account settings for the user interface screens such as the landing page, page size, page depth, date format, time format, and time zone.

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