Release 10.15

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New features and enhancements Description
Release 10.15.4
Support for Hosted-S3 storage You can configure virtual folders with Hosted-S3 storage.
See Hosted-S3 Storage for more information.
Password complexity You can configure the complexity of passwords for partner users.
See Password Complexity for Partner Users for more information.
Port configuration changes The port numbers for FTPS and HTTPS listeners have changed. The new port numbers are available on the Listeners tab in MFT.
Release 10.15.3
Minor internal fixes Fixed minor internal issues in this version.
Release 10.15.2
Configuring virtual folders with a default virtual folder location You can create subfolders under default virtual folder location and configure virtual folders with these subfolder locations.
See Default virtual folders for more information.
SSH Fingerprint for SFTP Servers You can fetch and save host fingerprint of a remote SFTP server configured in a virtual folder.
See Supported protocols for more information.
Release 10.15.1
Security updates and minor enhancements Released security updates and minor enhancements in this version.
Release 10.15.0
Deployment Create deployments to move, update, or delete assets across registered environments.
See Deployment for more information.
Deployment logs View all the logged deployments on MFT.
See Deployment logs for more information.
Run Integration FlowService within MFT Run the Integration FlowService task from the MFT user interface.
See Integration FlowService Task for more information.