Managing Certificates MFT uses SSL certificate to communicate with other servers. The SSL certificate facilitates communication through SSL ports when specific SSL certificates are not configured for those ports. MFT allows you to use the user-certificate mapping to validate a client login based on the client certificate, and to fetch the user details associated with the certificate.

Adding Certificates

You add and view the certificates that are used in a single view using MFT.

To add a certificate

  1. On the navigation pane, select Certificates.

  2. On the Certificates page, click .

  3. In the Add certificate dialog box, specify the following details:

    Field Action/Description
    Certificate alias Type the certificate alias associated with MFT. It must be a unique alias across applications.
    Certificate usage Click the Certificate usage button to check if the certificate is used in any MFT asset.
    • The button remains in the disabled state until you add and save a particular certificate.
    • The default certificates will not show any usage. However, it can be referenced in multiple MFT assets explicitly.
    Description Type a suitable description for the certificate you choose. The maximum limit is 50 characters.
    Certificate type Select one of the following supported certificate by MFT:
    • Keystore
    • Truststore
    • PGP Public key
    • PGP Private key
    • SSH Private key
    • SSH Public key
    Keystore password Type the password that protects the Keystore. This password is required to access the certificate in the Keystore file for MFT Server.
    Key password Type the password associated with the certificate.
    Upload Certificate Copy the certificate from a location by either performing a drag-and-drop action or browsing to a particular location.
  4. Click Add to save the changes.