Workflow Start and Stop Points

On creating a new workflow, you will be navigated to the Integration canvas, where you will see the Start and Stop icons. The Start and Stop icons indicate the starting and ending points of the workflow, respectively.

Workflow Start icon

The Start icon houses all the settings related to triggers. You can either configure a workflow trigger (a web app or any service) or a webhook trigger by hovering over the Start icon and clicking the Settings icon.

Workflow Stop icon

The Stop icon lets you output a message (up to 256 KB) of the preceding action or a workflow in console logs. In case the specified message exceeds 256 KB, you will get the Message Size Too Large string.

This icon works exactly the same as the Logger action.

To do so, hover over the Stop icon and click on the Settings icon. A new window will appear, where you can optionally change the default name of the icon. Once this is done, click Next.

You will be redirected to the Stop configuration window, where you will be expected to provide the log data. Once this is done, click Next . You will be redirected to the Test this action window where you can check if the action is working as expected before executing the workflow. After this, click Done .


  • The Start and Stop action logs will be shown even if Maintain execution logs in Workflow Settings is disabled.
  • You cannot configure the Stop action for workflows imported using previously downloaded workflow zip files.