Disabling Workflow Actions

webMethods.io Integration allows you to disable one or more actions of your existing workflows. This eliminates the need to manually detach/delete actions that you don’t want the workflow to execute, thereby saving time and efforts.

This feature is especially useful for complex workflows where you may want to disable multiple actions quickly and easily.


We will understand how it works with the help of an example.

Let’s say we have a workflow where whenever a new board is created in Trello, the details of the board are posted on a Slack channel and sent via mail to a group of recipients.

We will disable the Send an Email action from this workflow. To do so, do the following steps:

1.Hover over the action you want to disable and click the ellipsis icon.

2.Click the Disable Action icon.

You will notice that the action is disabled at this point.

Once this is done, save the workflow.

Now when you execute this workflow, the disabled action will be skipped from the execution sequence.

You can anytime re-enable the disabled action by hovering over the action icon and clicking the Enable Action icon.