Custom Domain

A custom domain is a unique name that identifies your website. There are scenarios where you do not want to expose the default domain provided by Integration. In such cases, you can customize the default tenant URL or domain and access the tenant using your own domain.

Use custom domains if you want to make your application accessible on your own domain. Custom domains direct requests to your own URL.

How It Works

You can request for a custom domain name for your tenant, for example, if your company domain is, you can have the domain name as Contact Software AG Global Support for details on how to enable and configure the custom domain capability.

Steps to configure custom domains

  1. Determine the number of domains to be configured for your account and the list of custom domains. The domain names are owned by you.
  2. Decide the SSL certificate needed, which depends on whether you want to protect a single domain, multiple subdomains of a domain, or multiple domain names.
  3. Share the number of domains to be configured for your account and the list of custom domains with Software AG.
  4. Software AG will create a certificate signing request (CSR) and will provide you the details.
  5. Based on the CSR, get the SSL certificates from a Certificate Authority (CA) and determine the number and type of domains you want to be protected by the certificates.
  6. Send the SSL certificates to Software AG to configure the certificates on the custom domain load balancer.
  7. Software AG will send you the CNAME. Using the CNAME, configure your DNS to point to the custom domain load balancer.
  8. After the configuration is complete, you can start using the custom domain to access Integration.
    Note: Contact Software AG Global Support and the Software AG Cloud Operations teams for information on allowing the custom domain network load balancer (NLB) IPs and the ports to open. Click here for more information.

Checks for existing assets after configuring custom domains