Select the container size to control the execution speed of your workflows. Understand what a container is and how to select the container size for workflow execution.

A container is an isolated run-time environment. It contains all the dependencies (configuration files, binaries, system libraries, code, and so on) that it needs to run your workflows smoothly. Due to this container, the differences in OS distributions as well as underlying infrastructure are eliminated. This allows Integration to run on all the systems in a standard manner.

The size of the container determines the execution speed of your workflows. The bigger the size, the better the speed. You can select 256 MB (consumes 1 credit), 512 MB (consumes 2 credits), or 1 GB (consumes 4 credits) container to execute your workflows.

Note: The availability of 512 MB and 1 GB container depends on your subscription plan.

To view or change your existing container size, go to Workflow settings > Execution settings.