User Management

Understand how to add, remove, and manage users for your Embed tenant.

Adding Users Embed provides you a quick way to add users to a tenant. To view and add users, log in to your tenant, click on the tenant profile icon located at the top-right corner of the home screen, and select User Management from the list of options that appear.

This tab lets you view the existing users (along with the assigned roles) of the tenant and invite new users. Only the tenant owner and admin has access to this screen. To view the list of existing users, navigate to the tenant profile icon > User Management > Users.

You can add new users with permissions to access your tenant. To do so, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Click on the App Switcher (bento menu) icon located beside the profile image and then select My Cloud.

  2. You are redirected to the Software AG Cloud screen. From the menu bar, click on My Cloud and select Administration.

  3. Click on Add user to add a new user to the tenant.

  4. Fill in the required information of the user you want to add to the tenant and click on Save.

    Note: Any time stamp displayed in Embed is based on the user’s registered time zone specified in Software AG Cloud. Note that not all the time zones in Software AG Cloud are supported in Embed. If a time zone in Software AG Cloud is not supported, then the time stamp in Embed defaults to the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone.

  5. This automatically sends a notification mail to the newly added user prompting them to update the login password for the tenant. Once the user updates the password, they are able to access the tenant and its projects.

  6. As soon as the user logs in to the tenant, their name is added to the list of users under the Users tab. The user can then optionally change their role to allow or restrict access for specific projects.

Note: A new user is created in Embed when you log in for the first time using the Software AG Cloud login page with valid credentials. Roles associated with the user is synchronized only during the first-time login to Embed.

Editing User Roles

You can also change the current role assigned to a specific user. To do so, click on the Edit option given against the name of the user. The Edit User Role window appears.

After you have made the relevant changes, click Done. This changes the role assigned to the user.

Assigning User Roles

Once you have added users to your tenant, you can assign the default or custom roles created for your Embed tenant to them.

To do so, navigate to tenant profile icon > User Management > Users.

Locate the username associated with the user you want to assign a role to and click the associated Editicon.

In the Edit User Role window that appears, click the down arrow in the Assign Roles drop down field.

Select the role you want to assign to the user and then click Done.

With this, the new role is assigned to the user. You can anytime modify the role assigned to the user by clicking the Editicon.

Removing User

The Embed tenant owner or the tenant administrator can remove other Embed tenant users.

To do so, navigate to tenant profile icon > User Management > Users.

Locate the user you want to remove and click the associated Delete icon.

You are prompted to confirm the removal action. Click Remove.

With this, the user is removed from your Embed tenant.