Release 1.2

Explore the release highlights for Embed.


New features and enhancements Description
BOTS tab The BOTS tab has been added under Settings menu. This tab allows you to create one-way and two-way (interactive) bots, add solutions to them, and manage them.
Note: Execution support for two-way (interactive) bots is not available yet.

Create commands You can now add solutions as commands for your webhook-enabled projects. These commands can then be associated with two-way (interactive) bots and deployed to your application.

Convert existing solutions to commands You can now convert your existing webhook solutions to commands and add them to two-way (interactive) bots.

Set session time outs You can now set idle session timeout and absolute session time out for your application.

Delete user instances You can now delete instance associated with a specific user through the USERS tab under Settings menu.

Allow OAuth pop-up You can now enable OAuth pop-up which will allow you to carry out OAuth creation process through a pop-up window.

Updated conditions for deleting solutions You cannot delete a solution from Sandbox environment if:
  • It is already deployed on Production environment
  • It is already added to one or more bots