Readme 1.1

Explore the release highlights for Embed.


New features and enhancements Description
Alerts You can now enable alert notifications to send credit consumption and overage notifications to specific users of your Embed tenant.
Filter-based execution details You can now set up custom filters to fetch execution data associated with specific solutions, plans, and users.
Force-delete solution versions You can now force-delete solution versions (and any deployments associated with it) from your Embed Admin portal.
User management You can now add new users, modify their previously assigned plan type (individual/group), delete users (along with any associated workflows, triggers, authorizations, and so on), and export their deployments to your local machine through the Embed Admin portal.
Execution metrics and logs You can now view the execution metrics, execution logs, and execution history in the demo site as well. Earlier, these were only accessible through the Embed Admin portal.
New Connectors Added support for the following CloudStreams connectors:
  • Cumulocity
  • Google PubSub
  • Amazon SNS
  • SAP C4C