Release 10.15

Explore the release highlights, usage notes, known issues, and fixes for Embed.


New features and enhancements Description
Public APIs Enhancements New public APIs are added and some of the existing ones are updated for smoother integration experience.
Support for APIs to generate Embed keys You can now generate and regenerate Embed keys using the Embed Key APIs.
Filter specific execution logs data You can now filter out specific execution logs data based on deployment ID, status, and interval using the supported APIs.
Support for new connectors The following connectors are now supported to create integrations:
  • NetSuite SOAP
  • Coupa
  • Salesforce CRM REST
  • Workday SOAP

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need to work with Embed.

Known Issues

This section lists the issues for this release that were known when this release readme was published.

When users remove an email ID from the Send email to field on the Usage Alerts page, an incorrect error message is displayed.