View and manage the existing solutions of your Embed Admin portal.

Viewing Solutions

The Solutions tab lets you view and manage the existing solutions of your Embed Admin portal.

This page contains a list of the existing solutions (published and unpublished) along with the following details:

You can also use the search field located at the top-right corner of the page to search solutions by their names or filter out solutions using tag(s) by clicking the filter icon.

Managing Solution Versions

Each time you update an existing solution, a new version of that solution is created. You can access all the versions associated with any particular solution by clicking on the solution name.

This redirects you to the Versioning screen.

This screen contains the following columns:

Viewing User Deployments

Each time a solution is instantiated by a user, an instance of that solution is created against their name and is added to the Users tab. From here, you can view which user has instantiated a particular solution how many times and delete user instance associated with a solution.

This page contains the following columns:

Deploying solutions from one tenant to another

You can deploy the existing solutions from one tenant to another. To do so, follow the steps given below:

Note: In order to deploy solutions from one tenant to another, both the tenants must be:

  • In the same region. For example, US or DE.
  • On the same Cloud Service Provider. For example, AWS or Azure.
  • On the same environment. For example, Staging, Pre-production, or Production.

  1. Navigate to Solutions and locate the solution you want to deploy from your current tenant to another.

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon under Actions and select the Deploy to Tenant option.

  3. In the Deploy to Tenant screen that appears, provide the following information:

    • Tenant Name: Name of the destination tenant to which you want to deploy the selected solution.
    • Username: Username for the destination tenant.
    • Password: Password for the destination tenant.

  4. Once this is done, click Deploy.

    If the destination tenant has more than one environment, you are prompted to select a specific environment.

  5. Select the environment associated with the destination tenant to which you want to deploy the solution.

  6. Once this is done, click Deploy.

    This deploys the selected solution from the current tenant to the destination tenant.

  7. Login to destination tenant and navigate to the Solutions tab.

    Here, you can view the deployed solution.

    Note: The core actions (Convert Solution to Command, Deploy to Production, and Delete Solution) that are available to solutions created under the tenant are not available for the deployed solutions.

  8. Click on the vertical ellipsis icon to view the operations you can perform for this solution.

    • Add Tags: Select this option to add tags to the solution.

    • Deploy to Tenant: Select this option to deploy the solution to another tenant.

      Note: You cannot deploy a solution back to the tenant from which it was originally deployed.