Understand how to create and manage projects in your Embed tenant.

Working with Projects

You can create custom workflows under your Embed Admin projects, submit those projects as solutions on Embed Admin, and publish those solutions on to your application, to make them available to some or all app users. Users can then import any of these solutions to their personal account and use them as per their requirements.

The Projects menu lets you do the following:

Creating or Updating Projects

To create a new project, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the + New Project button.

    You are prompted to provide a name for the project and add/select tag(s) you want to associate with the project.

  2. Click Create once you have entered the details.

    This creates a new project in your Embed Admin account.

You can now start creating Workflows and FlowServices within this project and can make changes to the pre-existing project workflows. All the configurations such as certificates, triggers, webhooks, parameters, associated with your project workflows are listed under the Configurations tab.

Note: Currently, you can build FlowServices using the following categories only: Controls, FlowServices, and Services.

Creating and Publishing Solutions

You can submit your existing projects as solutions to Embed Admin and publish those solutions on your application to enable them for your users.
To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the card associated with the project you want to submit as a solution, and click on the vertical ellipsis icon in the top-right corner. From the list of options that appear, click the Create Solution option.


    • Only projects containing workflows with either a webhook or service trigger can be published as a solution.
    • For Embed, only two options are supported for webhook authentication: None and Webhook Key.

    A Create Solution dialogue box appears on screen.

  2. Enter the relevant details to create a solution.

    If your workflow contains a webhook, an additional checkbox field Add as Command appears in the Create Solution window.

    Commands are webhook-enabled workflows which are used to create interactive bots.

    Solution Name: Provide a suitable name for the solution.

    Reuse Associated Project’s Tags: Select this checkbox if you want to preserve the tags assigned to this project and reuse them for the solution.

    Tags: Add/select tag(s) you want to assign to this solution.

    Add as Command: Select this checkbox if you want to add this solution as a command.

    Publish Now: Select this checkbox if you want to automatically publish the solution (or command) to Sandbox environment after creation. If you select this checkbox, you must provide input for the following field:

    • Select Bot(s) to which this solution should be added: Select the bot(s) to which you want to add this solution.

    • Description: Provide a short description for the bot.
  3. Click Create to create the solution.
Based on the inputs provided, this either creates a solution/command or creates and publish the solution/command.

Updating Existing Solutions

You can also update the details of an existing solution.
To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the solution and click on the vertical ellipsis icon. From the list of options that appear, click the Update Solution option.

    A new dialogue box appears where you can make relevant updates to your solution.

  2. Provide updated values for the applicable fields of the solution.
  3. Click Update to update the details of the solution.