Learn how to track and monitor the tenant executions and other activities.


The Monitor menu lets you track and monitor the overall Workflow execution status, and user activities of your Embed Admin portal. The Monitor screen has two tabs:

Note: Any time stamp displayed in Embed is based on the user’s registered time zone specified in Software AG Cloud. Note that not all the time zones in Software AG Cloud are supported in Embed. If a time zone in Software AG Cloud is not supported, then the time stamp in Embed defaults to the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone. To change the time zone for a user profile, using the App Switcher, go to My Cloud and in Software AG Cloud, click My Cloud > Administration. On the Administration page, edit the user profile. Under Locale Information, select the required time zone. Save the changes, log out, and then again log in to see the changes.

Execution Results

The Execution Results tab lets you view the sequence of all the activities related to the workflows of your account.

Let’s understand the option available under Execution Results.


The Executions menu lets you view the workflow activities and their assoicated logs. The log records include details such as the timestamp, project name, title, execution details, execution status, as well as an option to view the detailed log.

To view log associated with any workflow, click the relevant View Log button.

Here, you can click the Webhook/Trigger Payload key to view the webhook/trigger payload used in the workflow.

You can also export the execution logs of a specific workflow, by clicking the Export Logs button.

SDK Logs

The SDK Logs menu lets you view the logs associated with the Embed SDK requests. The log records include details such as the timestamp, consumer identifier, module, operation, as well as action control items.


The General tab allows you to view, track, and monitor your Embed tenant activities through the Audit Logs.

Audit Logs

The Audit Logs tab lets you view the records of all activities performed by the Embed Admin tenant users. It keeps track of the tasks and changes performed by the users of your tenant. It maintains a history of all the actions that are performed within the tenant, including details such as the type of action performed, user performing the action, and time.