Release 10.16 (Preview)

This section provides a high-level preview of the enhancements and changes for the upcoming release and are subject to modifications when the release becomes generally available.

What's New

Security enhancements

Reliability and Performance enhancements

Tracing enhancements

The following products and use cases are now supported by End-to-End Monitoring:

End-to-End Monitoring tracing capabilities for webMethods Cloud Container

Asset migration support

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need to work with End-to-End Monitoring.

Software AG Cloud Region Sample URL
US1 Oregon AWS
US2 East Azure
EU2 Frankfurt AWS
EU3 West Azure
AU1 Australia East Azure

Known Issues

This section lists the issues for this release that were known when this release readme was published.

In End-to-End Monitoring, API Gateway traces without a transactional event are not getting traced.

In End-to-End Monitoring, for a complex integration, where one SOAP API or REST API calls another SOAP API, only the starting point of the trace is captured. For the same complex integration, both the traces appear as part of its monitoring feature. The same limitation is not observed when REST APIs are called from a SOAP API or another REST API.