Release 10.12

Explore the release highlights for End-to-End Monitoring.


New features and enhancements Description
Transaction tracing enhancements support more products and use cases The Integration Server agent has now been updated to include SW6 correlation identifier across JMS messaging. Also, End-to-End Monitoring audit levels that are used to control the tracing of Integration Server transactions, can now be set at a global level using the Integration Server extended settings.
This does not replace the existing service level settings, but will take precedence if both settings are used for a specific service.

Enhanced group creation Creating a group of transactions now has an improved user interface with new options in the Starts with and Products involved sections. Existing transaction names can now be selected from a drop-down, instead of typing. The transaction names are queried from your past data based on the products that you have selected in the product list.

Custom transaction tracing for enhanced filtering You can now trace your own identifier such as an order ID or a customer ID to allow you to filter and identify the transaction more easily. The identifier does not need to be unique and in fact can be used to find all distinct transactions related to a common asset such as a customer or order.

Note: This feature requires that you invoke the service pub.flow:setCustomContextID in at least one of the services related to the transaction.

Usage Notes

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