Release 10.11

Explore the release highlights for End-to-End Monitoring.


New features and enhancements Description
Custom domain support A custom domain is a unique name that identifies your website. There are scenarios where you do not want to expose the default domain. In such cases, you can customize the default tenant URL and access the tenant using your own domain.
End-to-End Monitoring now supports handling traces received from tenants with dissimilar customised subdomain names in different products.
End-to-End Monitoring also supports customization of domain name for End-to-End Monitoring URL.
Hybrid Monitoring support in Microsoft Azure Hybrid monitoring was previously supported only in Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can now view end-to-end business transactions from the cloud SaaS platform through to the on-premises Integration Servers and API Gateways.
The on-premises Integration Server and API Gateway agent generated traces are now transported to the End-to-End Monitoring collector instance in the cloud. This facilitates the display of data on the End-to-End Monitoring user interface along with the rest of the traces from the hybrid transaction.
Enhanced Tracing Capabilities End-to-End Monitoring now supports asynchronous and scheduled transactions in Integration.

Usage Notes

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