Business transactions are initiated when client applications make requests for information or submit updates to your organisation through your webMethods.io platform. These business transactions can entail multiple applications and many steps.

End-to-End Monitoring allows you to follow the complete flow of your business transactions across multiple products regardless of their complexity. You can understand immediately what is going on and why, in real time, and from a single web view.


End-to-End Monitoring is currently enabled if you have an enterprise edition of webMethods.io Integration or a free trials version or the free forever edition.

Note: The free trials version is rate limited. It has limited time retention and limited number of transactions.

If you satisfy the mentioned criteria but still not able to access End-To-End Monitoring, contact Software AG Support and share the details such as tenant name, cloud provider, and region to enable the capability.

Know More

  • Click Dashboard for a collective view of all the business transactions carried out within your cloud platform.
  • The Alerts page lists all the Rule violations and the Rule list. Click Alerts for more details.
  • Click here to specify a custom transaction ID as part of your FlowServices.
  • A hybrid integration consists of a transaction that spans multiple platforms and products including both cloud and on-premises setups. Click Hybrid Monitoring for more details.
  • Click here to know more about filtering the transactions based on the environment group and the related stages.
  • Click Tutorials for step-by-step user journeys.

Role of End-to-End Monitoring

Let us see an example of a bank customer making a change to the address using a phone banking app, which connects through the bank’s webMethods.io platform.

  1. Customer raises an address change request using a client application. The client application is accessible from any device.

  2. The request makes an API call to webMethods.io API where the user is validated. Any policy enforcement that is required happens here.

    Note: Currently, End-to-End Monitoring does not support any asynchronous requests.

  3. After successful validation, an integration service call is made to webMethods.io Integration. For example, the integration service call made to update the customer record is updateaddress.

  4. The integration service call authenticates the user with the bank and updates the record in the database of the bank.

  5. On successful update of the record, a confirmation message is sent to the client application as a response.

End-to-End Monitoring traces each step of your business transaction, which could be a service invocation, API call, or a B2B transaction. This tracing takes place in real time from start to finish, regardless of the product or the timing across asynchronous hops through your integration platform. The transactions can be viewed through All Transactions or grouped by integration type such as New Customer Orders or outbound shipping. For more details, see Business Transaction Details Page.

Accessing End-to-End Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring shows transactions if they pass through one of the following Software AG products. Support has been added to monitor your on-premises integrations with webMethods.io Integration to ensure complete traceability between your cloud and on-premises hybrid integrations.

End-to-End Monitoring is available directly from your cloud tenant home page and shows transactions if they pass through the following supported Software AG products.

To access End-to-End Monitoring

  1. Go to Software AG Cloud.

  2. Click Login.

  3. Type your Environment name and click Next.

  4. Select the app switcher and click End-to-End Monitoring.

You can also access End-to-End monitoring from the app switcher available in the following products:

The Business Transaction Details page provides you an end-to-end view of the transactions along with the time spent by a transaction at each component of the platform.