Find answers to some of the most common questions in End-to-End Monitoring.

Access and Supported Products

Why don’t I see the End-To-End Monitoring option on the app switcher?

End-to-End Monitoring is currently enabled if you have an enterprise edition of Integration or a free trials version or the free forever edition.

Note: The free trials version is rate limited. It has limited time retention and limited number of transactions.

If you satisfy the mentioned criteria but still not able to access End-To-End Monitoring, contact Software AG Support and share the details such as tenant name, cloud provider, and region to enable the capability.

What products are currently supported by End-To-End Monitoring?

See Product Considerations for information on the products supported by End-to-End Monitoring.

How do I access the End-To-End Monitoring capability?

End-to-End Monitoring is available through the app switcher of your respective product, such as Integration, B2B or API.

Click Accessing End-to-End Monitoring for more details.