Release 10.15

Explore the release highlights and usage notes for Developer Portal 10.15.


New Items

New Item Description
State management support for APIs/Packages Ability to control the visibility of APIs and packages to the consumers through simple lifecycle state management.
Custom asset type support Support to define a custom asset types and configure their attributes. This enables to publish and manage any object meta information based on the business requirement.
GDPR compliance Support to anonymize user data across the system, on deletion of user accounts.
SOAP tryout enhancement Support to provide WSS authorization details and custom SOAP headers.

Documentation Changes

The content in existing sections is restructured and moved to align with function-wise information segregation and for ease of discovery.

Starting this release, Developer Portal help has the following sections:

In addition, the following sections are moved:

Usage Notes

This section provides any additional information that you need, to work with Developer Portal.