Custom Actions

Each connector supported by Integration provides several actions which you can use in your workflows to automate your tasks. You can create your own custom actions and also edit/delete those custom actions.

Creating Custom Actions

Creating Custom Actions is very easy with Integration. We will understand how to create Custom Actions, with the help of an example:

Let's say you want to create a Custom Action for Salesforce CRM application. To do this, add the Salesforce CRM connector on canvas and configure an Account.


To configure an Account, select the Select Action field. From here, you can create a new account, or access an existing account. For demo purposes, let’s create a new account, AccountCreate.

To create a new account, click the + button. The Add Custom Action screen appears. Let’s look at the steps involved in setting up the custom actions.

Step 1: Connect to an account


Select Authentication type: Select an authentication type, for example, OAuth V2.0 (Authorization Code Flow).

Authorize updateAccounts: Select an account for executing the selected action. 

Name: Provide a name for the account, for example, AccountCreate

Description: Enter the description of the account.

Click Next.

Step 2: Select an Action

Select an action to be performed, for example, “query".


Click Next.

Step 3A: Select the Business Object

Select the Business Object to be associated with the action query and then click Next.


Note: Business Objects and Interactions appear only for certain applications and actions.

Step 3B: Select the Data Fields

Select the data fields for the Business Object you have chosen in the previous step and then click Next.


Note: Data fields appear only for certain applications and actions. Mandatory data fields for the Business Object are selected by default and cannot be cleared.

Step 4: Confirm Action

Once you confirm the action value, click Done.


Next, you will be able to view the new action in the drop down list.


Once this is done, click Next. You will be redirected to the AccountCreate action configuration window.


It is mandatory to provide values for all the required fields while configuring an action. You can also provide values for optional fields as per your requirements.

Once this is done, click Next. You will be redirected to the Test action window where you can check if the action is working as expected before executing the workflow. After this, click Done.


If you have configured the action correctly, you will see the output data for the action. This will give you an idea of how your action will work when used in a workflow and which keys are returned in the output of the trigger. This output data will then be used to configure the rest of the workflow.


With this, our custom action is successfully set up. Now click on the Save button located at the top-right corner of the canvas to save the workflow

You can now use this account in any workflow created under the same project.

Editing and Deleting Custom Actions

You can edit or delete the existing accounts. To edit or delete an account, select an account and then click the Edit button.


Editing involves modifying authentication type, account description, actions, business objects associated with the operation, changing account name and data fields as well.

Once you have made the changes, click Save.

Deleting Operations

To delete the operations, select an account and then click the Delete icon.