Connector Builder

Create custom connectors with our developer platform. Know how the connector builder works, and how to install it. Learn how to create a connector, add triggers, actions, lookups, and authentications in it, deploy the connector on to your Flow account, and share it with other users.

What is a Connector Builder App? How the Connector Builder app works Connector Builder vs Node.js Block Requirements Installing Connector Builder Package Quick Setup Guide Creating a Local App Adding Custom Icon Error Validations Downloading your App App Versioning Deleting the deployed action or trigger Creating custom connectors using Postman collections Help

Creating Custom Actions with Node.js

Leverage the Node Code block to create custom actions in your Integration account. Know how the custom action works, and how to create it with the help of an example.

Getting started Code Structure Components Example Editing and Deleting Custom Action


Integrate your Integration workflows with external web services with webhooks. Learn how webhooks works, how to configure webhooks in Integration, how incoming webhooks work, and how to post data to Integration using webhooks.

What is a webhook? What is an incoming webhook? How does an incoming webhook work? How does it notify Integration? Incoming webhook as a trigger Webhook Authentication Webhook Payload Regenerating Webhook URL Posting data to Integration via webhook Setting parameters through webhooks

HTTP Request

Make HTTP requests to your servers. Know how to configure the HTTP action in your workflows and what each action field denotes with the help of an example.

Parameterized Authorization

Pass authorizations as parameters to securely share a single workflow with multiple users. Know how parameterized authorizations work, and how to configure parameterized authorizations for one or more actions, with the help of an example.

Example Creating parameterized authorization for multiple actions of the same service List of services supported in parameterized authorization

Hybrid Integration

Access your on-premise applications securely via Integration platform. You can now easily pass data from your workflow to on-premise application and in-return get processed data back to your workflow.

Overview of Steps Detailed Steps

Flow Editor

Use the App Switcher to launch the Flow Editor, create complex integrations, and include those integrations in your workflows.

Overview of Steps Detailed Steps

Custom Actions

Create custom actions for performing specific tasks. Know how to add it to workflow and configure it, how to test custom actions and the additional actions you can perform on a custom action.

Creating Custom Actions Editing and Deleting Custom Actions