Twitter is a social network that connects you to the world giving real-time updates. It enables you to post tweets, interact through personal messages, follow celebrities and thought leaders, and participate in global communications.


  • User Tweet or Mention

    Triggers on a specified hashtag, user tweet, or mentioned user

  • Direct Message Sent

    Triggers when a direct message is sent from your account

  • Direct Message Received

    Triggers when a direct message is received in your account

  • New Tweet or Retweet Posted by Me

    Triggers when a new tweet or a retweet is posted from your account

  • Tweet Mentioning You

    Triggers when you receive a mentioned tweet in your account

  • New Follower

    Triggers when a user follows the current logged-in user

  • Liked Tweet

    Triggers when someone likes your tweet


  • Search Tweets

    Search and retrieve the latest tweet by a specific keyword

  • Post Tweet

    Post a new tweet

  • Retweet

    Retweet a specific tweet

  • Upload Image

    Upload the specified image