• Auto Park

    Auto park the Tesla

  • Flash Lights

    Flash the lights of Tesla

  • Get Driving and Position State

    Get the driving and position state of the Tesla

  • Get Vehicle State

    Get vehicle state of Tesla

  • Honk Horn

    Honk the horn of Tesla

  • List all Vehicles

    List all vehicles

  • Lock Doors

    Lock doors of the Tesla

  • Move Pano Roof

    Move pano roof of the Tesla

  • Open Charge Port

    Open the charge port of the Tesla

  • Open Trunk

    Open the trunk of Tesla

  • Remote Start

    Remote start the Tesla

  • Set Charge Limit to Max Range

    Set charge limit to maximum range

  • Set Charge Limit to Standard

    Set charge limit to standard

  • Set Temperature

    Set temperature

  • Set Valet Mode

    Set valet mode for Tesla

  • Start Charging

    Start charging the Tesla

  • Start HVAC System

    Start the HVAC system for Tesla

  • Stop Charging

    Stop charging the Tesla

  • Stop HVAC System

    Stop the HVAC system for Tesla

  • Unlock Doors

    Unlock the doors of Tesla

  • Wake Up Car

    Wake up car