SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey form development platform that enables you to create and customize the surveys. You can share these forms via email and on social media sites to your customers and know the statistics of your customer behavior.


  • New Survey

    Triggers when a new survey is created

  • New Collector

    Triggers when a new collector is created for the specified survey

  • New Response

    Triggers when a new response is received for the specified survey


  • Create Collector

    Create an Email or weblink collector

  • Get Categories

    Retrieve some or all categories

  • Get Collector Responses

    Retrieve the responses from the specified collector

  • Get List of Respondents

    Retrieve the list of respondents for the specified survey

  • Get Survey Collectors

    Retrieve the list of collectors associated with the specified survey

  • Get Survey Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified survey

  • Get Survey List

    Retrieve the list of all surveys

  • Get Survey Response

    Retrieve a specific response from the survey

  • Get Templates List

    Retrieve some or all templates

  • Get User Details

    Retrieve the details of the logged in user