Common Questions

Siteleaf is an online content management system that allows users to create, edit, and maintain websites. 


  • New Site

    Triggers when a new site is created

  • New Page

    Triggers when a new page is created in a specific site


  • Create Page

    Create a new page in a specific site

  • Create Site

    Create a new site

  • Delete Page

    Delete a specific page

  • Delete Site

    Delete a specific site

  • Get Page

    Retrieve a specific page

  • Get Pages

    Retrieve some or all pages

  • Get Posts

    Retrieve all posts from a specific site

  • Get Site Details

    Retrieve the details of specific site

  • Get Sites

    Retrieve all sites

  • Update Page

    Update a specific page

  • Update Site

    Update a specific site

Note: To retrieve or access the API key and API Secret for Siteleaf, ensure that you are an admin or account owner of the Siteleaf account.

Whenever you try to create a Siteleaf account for configuring a trigger or action, you will see the following window:

To retrieve the API key and API Secret for Siteleaf, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 - Login to your Siteleaf account

Once you login, click on the Settings option listed in the left-side panel.

Step 2 - Retrieve the API key and API secret

On clicking the Settings option, a window will appear on screen. From the right panel of the window, click on the Account Settings option.

On clicking this option, you will be redirected to the My Account screen. Click on the API tab listed on top.

In the window that appears, you will see the API KEY and API SECRET associated with your Siteleaf account.

Copy and paste the API key and API secret in the API Key and API Secret fields respectively in the Connect to Siteleaf window in Integration and then click ADD.

An account will automatically be created and added under Connect to Siteleaf field. Once added, this account will be available in all Siteleaf actions and triggers.