RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system which helps you easily connect your office, remote, and mobile employees under one phone system. It helps you to deliver a secure, hosted phone and fax functionality over the internet for your company.


  • New SMS

    Triggers when a new message is sent or received.

  • New Fax

    Triggers when a new fax is sent or received

  • New Voicemail

    Triggers when a new voicemail is received in your account.

  • Call Started

    Triggers when a new inbound or outbound call is started

  • Call Ended

    Triggers when an inbound or an outbound call is ended or when the call is disconnected.

  • Missed Call

    Triggers when an inbound or an outbound call is missed.

  • Call Recorded

    Triggers when a call is recorded of a specified extension.


  • Create Contact

    Add a new personal contact to the user address book.

  • Delete Message

    Delete an existing message.

  • Download Attachment

    Download attachment of a specified message.

  • Get Call Logs

    Retrieve the list of all the call log records.

  • Get Company Info

    Retrieve information about a particular RingCentral customer account.

  • Get Extensions

    Retrieve the list of all the extension created for a particular account.

  • Get Messages

    Retrieve the list of all the messages

  • Get Phone Numbers

    Retrieve the list of phone numbers

  • Get User Contacts

    Retrieve the list of user contacts.

  • Make Ringout Call

    Make a ringout call to a specified recipient from your RingCentral business phone number.

  • Send Fax

    Send a fax message to a specified recipient.

  • Send SMS/MMS

    Send a new SMS or MMS message to a specified recipient.

  • Update Contact

    Update the details of an existing contact