Nexmo Voice

Common Questions

Nexmo is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that lets you communicate with other users through cloud-hosted voice, SMS, and chat services.


  • Get Calls

    Retrieve some or all calls associated with your application

  • Make an Outbound Call

    Make an outbound call to the specified number

  • Download Recording

    Download a recording

Common Questions

In order to create a Nexmo Voice connection, you are required to provide the 'Application ID' and 'Private Key' of the application for which you want to create the connection. Given below are the steps to retrieve the 'Application ID' and 'Private Key:

Application ID

Step 1: Login to your Nexmo account.

3-vonage login.png

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Voice' tab. Here you can see the list of all existing apps of your Nexmo account. 

6-app id.png

Step 3: Locate the application for which you want to create a connection and copy the application ID listed against it. 

Private Key

The application private key is generated and displayed when the app is created. Hence it is recommended that you note it for future use.

If you have created the application through Nexmo UI, its private key will be automatically downloaded on your local system. If you have create the application using the 'Create Application' action through Integration, you will get its private key in the output of the action.