MongoDB Atlas


  • Acknowledge Alert

    Mark an existing alert as acknowledged

  • Add Group Whitelist Entry

    Create a new whitelist entry under the specified group

  • Create Cluster

    Create a new cluster 

  • Create Database User

    Create a new database user

  • Delete Cluster

    Delete the specified cluster

  • Delete Database User

    Delete the specified database user

  • Delete Group Whitelist Entry

    Delete the specified whitelist entry

  • Get Alert

    Retrieve a specific alert

  • Get Alerts

    Retrieve some or all alerts

  • Get Cluster

    Retrieve a specific cluster

  • Get All Clusters

    Retrieve a list of all clusters

  • Get Database User

    Retrieve a specific database user

  • Get Database Users

    Retrieve all database users of the specified group

  • Get Group Whitelist

    Retrieve the whitelist of the specified group

  • Get Whitelist Entry

    Retrieve the specified whitelist entry

  • Modify Cluster

    Update an existing cluster

  • Update Database User

    Update the details of an existing database user