Mailchimp is a web-based email marketing platform that allows you put your ideas in email newsletters and share it digitally with customers. You can also attract new subscribers using customized landing pages and forms to gather the data and know the customer happiness. 


  • Subscribe List

    Triggers when a list is subscribed

  • Profile updated

    Triggers when an existing user profile is updated

  • Email Address Changed

    Triggers when an email address of an user is changed

  • Cleaned Email

    Triggers when an existing email address becomes non-deliverable

  • Campaign Sending Status

    Triggers when a campaign sending status changes

  • Unsubscribe List

    Triggers when a list is unsubscribed


  • Unschedule Campaign

    Unschedule a scheduled campaign

  • Get Campaign Ready Status

    Retrieve status of the given campaign

  • Send Campaign Immediately

    Send an existing campaign immediately

  • Schedule Campaign

    Schedule a campaign to be sent at a later date or time

  • Get List of Campaigns

    Retrieve list of existing campaigns

  • Get Campaign Content

    Retrieve content of a campaign

  • Delete Campaign

    Delete an existing campaign

  • Get List of Members

    Get members of a list