Lob is a platform that allows users to seamlessly send personalized postcards and letters and also ensures smooth deliveries every time. 


  • New Letter

    Triggers when a new letter is created

  • New Postcard

    Triggers when a new postcard is created


  • Address Details

    Retrieve details of an existing address

  • Create Address

    Create a new address object

  • Delete Address

    Delete an existing address object

  • Create Letter

    Create a new letter

  • Get Addresses

    Retrieve list of all addresses saved in your Lob account

  • Get Letters

    Retrieve list of all letters saved in your Lob account

  • Letter Details

    Retrieve details of an existing letter

Note: To retrieve or access the API key for Lob, ensure that you are an admin or account owner of the Lob account.

Whenever you try to create a Lob account for configuring a trigger or action, you will see the following window:

To retrieve the API Key for Lob, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 - Login to your Lob account

Once you login, click on the drop down arrow located beside your profile name. In the drop down list, you will see Settings option as shown below:

Step 2 - Retrieve the API key

On clicking the Settings option, a pop-up window will appear on screen. Click on the API KEYS tab listed on the top.

You will see a window with the API keys associated with your Lob account.

Copy the API key from the Test Environment and paste it in the API Key field of the Connect to Lob Window in WebMethods.io Integration and then click the ADD button.

An account will automatically be created and added under Connect to Lob field. Once added, this account will be available in all Lob actions and triggers.

While you input the HTML string, make sure that the curly braces of the HTML string is replaced with square brackets.

E.g. The HTML string -

<html style=\"padding-top: 3in; margin: .5in;\">HTML Letter for {{name}}\n\n</html>

should be written like -

<html style=\"padding-top: 3in; margin: .5in;\">HTML Letter for [[name]]\n\n</html>