Google Sheets

Common Questions

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create and manage spreadsheets and share them with other users.


  • New Spreadsheet Row

    Triggers when a new row is added to the specified spreadsheet


  • Add Multiple Rows

    Add multiple rows in the specified spreadsheet

  • Add Row

    Add row to the specified spreadsheet

  • Create Sheets

    Create one or more sheets in the specified spreadsheet

  • Create Spreadsheet

    Create a new spreadsheet

  • Delete Rows Or Columns

    Delete the specified rows or columns from the spreadsheet

  • Delete Sheets

    Delete the specified sheets from a spreadsheet

  • Get Rows

    Retrieve the specified rows from a spreadhsheet

  • Get Sheets

    Retrieve the details of specified sheets from a spreadsheet

  • Update Rows

    Update specified rows of a spreadsheet

Common Questions

You can add multiple rows to a Google Sheets spreadsheet using 'Add Rows' or 'Update Rows' action. You can provide input for multiple rows by entering either multi line CSV values or an array of JSON array.