Common Questions

FlytBase is a developer platform which helps you build applications that can be integrated with drones. By using this platform you can write custom codes to fly, navigate, and monitor your drones from a remote location. 


  • Arm Vehicle Motor

    Arm the specified FlytOS running device.

  • Check Battery Status

    Check the battery status of the specified device

  • Check Global Position

    Check the global position of the specified device

  • Execute Waypoints

    Execute the waypoints set for the specified device

  • Hold Current Position

    Specify the device to halt and hover over its current location

  • Land Vehicle

    Land the specified device

  • Set Global Coordinate System

    Set a global coordinate system for the specified device

  • Set Waypoint

    Set waypoints for the specified device

  • Take-off Vehicle

    Take-off the vehicle to a specified height.

Common Questions

After logging in to your 'FlytBase' account, click on the 'Developer Settings' tab given in the panel on the left hand side. A new option - 'Personal Access Token' - will appear. When you click on it, you will see the 'Access Token' for your account. 


After logging in to your 'FlytBase' account, click on the 'My Devices' tab. A new window will appear where you can see the list of all of your devices along with its ID.