Eventbrite is an event management tool through which you can browse, create, plan, promote, sell tickets, and publish your events across social networks and emails. It serves for both, the one who organizes the event and one who attends it.


  • Event Published

    Triggers when an event is published

  • Order Placed

    Triggers when an event is unpublished

  • Event Unpublished

    Triggers when a new order is placed

  • Order Updated

    Triggers when an existing order is updated

  • Order Refunded

    Triggers when an order is refunded


  • Search Events

    Search events using certain search criteria

  • Unpublish Event

    Unpublish an existing event

  • Publish Event

    Publish an existing event

  • Get Organizers

    Retrieve details of one or more organizers

  • Get Event Details

    Retrieve details of one or more events

  • Create Organizer

    Create a new organizer

  • Create Event

    Create a new event

  • Get Order Details

    Retrieve the details of a specific order