Cumulocity lets you build your IoT applications quickly. Its open, application centric, and integration solution with various APIs allows you to configure your data points in a flash.


  • Alarm

    Triggers when a alarm for a specific device is set-off

  • Event

    Triggers when a specific event occurs

  • Measurement

    Triggers when the measurement event occurs for the specified device


  • Get A Managed Object Collection

    Get a managed object collection

  • Get Managed Objects For Type

    Read-only collection of all managed objects of a particular type

  • Get Managed Objects For Ids

    Read-only collection of managed objects fetched for a given list of ids,for example "?ids=41,43,68"

  • Get Managed Objects By Query

    Get managed objects found by query

  • Get Managed Objects For Fragment Type

    Read-only collection of all managed objects with a particular fragment type or capability

  • Create A New Managed Object

    Create a new managed object

  • Get A Managed Object

    Get a managed object

  • Get An Event Collection

    Get an event collection

  • Get An Event

    Get an event

  • Delete An Event Collection

    Delete an event collection

  • Delete An Event

    Delete an event

  • Create A New Measurement

    Create a new measurement

  • Delete A Measurement

    Delete a measurement

  • Get Series From Measurements

    Get a series from measurements

  • Delete A Collection Of Operations

    Delete a collection of operations

  • Get A Collection Of Bulk Operations

    Get bulk operation collection

  • Update A Bulk Operation

    Update a bulk operation

  • Create A New Audit Record

    Create a new audit record

  • Get An Audit Record

    Get an audit record

  • Delete Audit Record Collection

    Delete audit record collection

  • Create A New Application

    Create a new application

  • Get Applications By Tenant

    Read-only collection of all applications subscribed by particular tenant

  • Copy An Application

    Creates new application based on already existing one. Properties are copied to newly created application

  • Get Applications By User

    Get applications of a user

  • Create An External ID

    Create an externalId

  • Get External ID'S Of Global ID

    Represents a collection of external ids for a specified global id

  • Delete An External ID

    Delete an externalId.Single external ID, represented by type of the external ID and the value of the external ID, both as strings

  • Get An Alarm Collection

    Get an alarm collection

  • Delete An Alarm Collection

    Delete an alarm collection

  • Update An Alarm

    Update an alarm

  • Get A Module Statements

    Get a module file with statements

  • Delete A Module

    Delete a module

  • Get A Module Collection

    Get a module collection

  • Update A Module

    Update a module

  • Get A Binaries Collection

    Get a binaries collection