Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is a team collaboration and communication service for enterprises. It lets you create teams and spaces and send, retrieve and delete messages from spaces. 


  • New Message

    Triggers when a new message is posted 

  • New Direct Message

    Triggers when a new direct messaged is posted

  • Delete Message

    Triggers when a message is deleted

  • New Membership

    Triggers when a new membership is created

  • Update Membership

    Triggers when an existing membership is updated

  • Delete Membership

    Triggers when a membership is deleted

  • New Space

    Triggers when a new space is created


  • Create Membership

    Add a new member in the specified space

  • Create New Space

    Create a new space

  • Create Team

    Create a new team

  • Delete Membership

    Delete the specified member

  • Delete Message

    Delete the specified message

  • Delete Space

    Delete the specified space

  • Delete Team

    Delete the specified team

  • Download Attachments

    Download the specified attachment

  • Get Message

    Retrieve the specified message

  • Get Person Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified user

  • Get Space Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified space

  • Get Space Messages

    Retrieve some or all messges from the specified space

  • Get Space

    Retrieve some or all space

  • Get Team Details

    Retrieve the details of the specified team

  • List Memberships

    Retrieve some or all memberships 

  • List People

    Retrieve the list of some or all people

  • List Teams

    Retrieve the list of some or all teams

  • Post New Message

    Post a message to the specified space or to the specified person

  • Send Private Message

    Send a direct message to the specified person

  • Update Team

    Update the name of the specified team