Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of cloud services offered by Amazon.


  • Autoscaling Limit Notifier

    Get notifications about changes in Autoscaling group

  • EBS Create Snapshot

    Create a new snapshot

  • EBS Get Unused Volumes

    This activity lets you ec2 get unused volumes

  • EC2 Attach EBS Volume

    Attach an EBS volume to an EC2 instance

  • EC2 Copy Image

    Copy an existing Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to another location (region)

  • EC2 Create EBS volume

    Create a new EBS volume

  • EC2 Create KeyPair

    Create a new 2048-bit RSA key pair

  • EC2 Create Security Group

    Create a new security group

  • EC2 Delete EBS Volume

    Delete an existing EBS volume

  • EC2 Delete KeyPair

    Delete an existing key pair from EC2

  • EC2 Delete Security Group

    EC2 Delete Security Group

  • EC2 Delete Tags From Resources

    Delete tags assigned to existing EC2 resources

  • EC2 Detach EBS Volume

    Detach an EBS volume from an EC2 instance

  • EC2 Get InstanceType Count

    Get the count of instance type available for a region

  • EC2 Get List of KeyPairs

    get list of all key pairs created for a particular region

  • EC2 Get List of Tags

    Get list of tags created for instances of a particular region

  • EC2 Get Unused Security Groups

    get the list of all the security groups that are created but not being used

  • EC2 Retrieve Security Group

    Get more details about an existing EC2 security group

  • EC2 Start Instances

    Start an one or more EBS-backed EC2 instances

  • EC2 Start Instances by TagName

    Start one or more EC2 instances by tag name

  • EC2 Stop Instances

    Stop one or more EC2 instances

  • EC2 Stop Instances by TagName

    Stop one or more EC2 instances by tag names

  • EC2 Tag Resources

    Manage and organize EC2 resources by tagging them

  • EC2 Terminate Instances

    Terminate an existing EC2 instance

  • Execute Lambda Function via API Gateway

    Execute specific lambda function via API gateway

  • Get Unused Elastic IPs

    Get list of Elastic Load Balancers (LB) that are not registered with any EC2 instances

  • Get Unused Elastic LB

    Get list of all unused Elastic IPs

  • Lambda Invoke Function

    Use lambda invoke function

  • S3 Create Bucket

    Create a new bucket in your S3 account

  • S3 Delete Bucket

    Delete an existing bucket from your account

  • S3 Delete Objects

    Delete one or more objects from a bucket

  • S3 Get Bucket Location (Region)

    Fetch the location of an existing bucket

  • S3 Get List of Buckets

    Get list of all existing buckets

  • S3 Get List of Objects

    Get list of all objects of a particular bucket

  • S3 Get List of Objects by Extension

    Get list of all objects of a specific extension

  • S3 Get Signed URL

    Get signed URL of a particular object

  • S3 Upload File

    Upload a file or object to any bucket in S3

  • SES Get Daily Send Limit

    Get the maximum number of emails that can be sent in a day

  • SES Get List of Identities

    Get list of identities (domains and email addresses) of an SES account

  • SES Get Template

    Get the details of a specific template

  • SES Send Email

    Compose and send a new email

  • SES Send Templated Email

    Send a specific template as email

  • SES Verify identity

    Verify your identity to AWS SES