Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) a highly scalable distributed message queuing service which lets you send messages via web applications over the internet.


  • Add Permission

    Add a permission to a Queue for a specific principal

  • Change Message Visibility

    Change the visibility timeout of a specified message in a Queue

  • Change Message Visibility Batch

    Change the visibility timeout of multiple messages in a Queue

  • CreateQueue

    Create a Queue

  • Delete Message

    Delete the message from the Queue

  • Delete Message Batch

    Delete multiple messages

  • Delete Queue

    Delete a Queue

  • Get Queue Attributes

    Get the attributes of a Queue

  • Get QueueUrl

    Retrieve the URL of a Queue

  • List Dead Letter Source Queues

    Return a list of queues that have the RedrivePolicy queue attribute configured with a dead letter queue

  • List Queues

    Return list of Queue

  • Receive Message

    Retrieve messages from the Queue

  • Remove Permission

    Revoke any permissions in the Queue policy that matches the label parameter

  • Send Message

    Deliver a message to the Queue

  • Send Message Batch

    Deliver up to ten messages to the specified Queue

  • Set Queue Attributes

    Set the attribute of a Queue