• Create

    Create Object

  • Get

    Retrieves a single Object using id

  • Query

    Queries for selected object

  • Update

    Update Object

  • Query Remit To Address

    Query remit to address by supplier id

  • Get Remit To Address

    Retrieve remit to address by Id

  • Create Remit To Address

    Create remit to address which will be used in send payment to suppliers

  • Update Remit To Address

    Update remit to address

  • Query Supplier Site

    Retrieves all supplier site

  • Get Supplier Site

    Retrieves supplier site by Id

  • Create Supplier Site

    Create supplier site

  • Update Supplier Site

    Updates the specified supplier site

  • delete Supplier Site

    Deletes the specified supplier site

  • Query Supplier Item

    By Item Id Query supplier item by item Id

  • Get Supplier Item By Item Id

    Retrieves supplier item by Id

  • Create Supplier Item By Item Id

    Create supplier item

  • Update Supplier Item By Item Id

    Update supplier item

  • Query Budget Line Adjustment

    Retrieve all budget line adjustment

  • Get Budget Line Adjustment By Id

    Retrieve single budget line adjustment

  • Cancel Purchase Order

    Cancel purchase order

  • Close Purchase Order

    Close purchase order

  • Issue Purchase Order

    Issue purchase order

  • Release Purchase Order

    Release purchase order

  • Void Inventory Transactions

    Void inventory transaction

  • Query Advance Ship Notices

    Query advance ship notice header

  • Get Advance Ship Notices

    Show advance ship notice header

  • Create Advance Ship Notices

    Create advance ship notice header

  • Update Advance Ship Notices

    Update advance ship notice header

  • Void Advance Ship Notices

    Void advance ship notices

  • Query Quote Responses

    Get all responses of specific Sourcing event

  • Award Quote Response

    Award the quote response

  • Remove Award from Quote

    Response Remove award from the quote response

  • Query Contract Term

    Query Contract Term

  • Get Contract Term

    Retrieve contract term by Id

  • Create User Comment

    Create Comment for userCreate Comment for user

  • Create Invoice Comment

    Create Comment for invoice

  • Create Expense Report Comment

    Create Comment for expense report

  • Query invoice comments

    Query invoice comments

  • Query user comments

    Query user comments

  • Query expense report comments

    Query expense report comments

  • Query purchase order comments

    Query purchase order comments

  • Query requisition comments

    Query requisitions comments