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webMethods.io B2B lets you exchange business documents on cloud with customers, distributors, and trading partners, and do it seamlessly with no hardware investments, maintenance, or upgrades.

And this quick start helps familiarize you with the product and get started.

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You need the latest version of these:

Before You Register

webMethods.io B2B is available in several geographical regions, operated by different infrastructure providers. For information on the underlying infrastructure provider in each region and the relevant IPs, click here.

Based on the vendor and the associated region selected by you at the time of creating your webMethods.io B2B tenant, you need to allow relevant IPs to establish the connectivity between your servers and webMethods.io B2B.

Mapping of webMethods.io B2B production URLs with the Software AG Cloud Region are listed as follows:

Software AG Cloud Region Sample URL
US1 Oregon AWS https://tenantname.int-aws-us.webmethods.io/b2b
US2 East Azure https://tenantname.int-az-us.webmethods.io/b2b
EU2 Frankfurt AWS https://tenantname.int-aws-de.webmethods.io/b2b
EU3 West Azure https://tenantname.int-az-eu.webmethods.io/b2b
AU1 Australia East Azure https://tenantname.int-az-au.webmethods.io/b2b

How to Register

  1. Go to Software AG Cloud.

  2. Under Products, select webMethods.io B2B.

If you want to register for the first time or want to try webMethods.io B2B for free:

  1. Click Try for free.

  2. Provide the required information in the registration form.

  3. Click Register.

When you sign up for a webMethods.io B2B account, a webMethods.io Integration account is also provisioned with it.

If you have an existing webMethods.io Integration account, and sign up for webMethods.io B2B, then webMethods.io B2B gets associated with your webMethods.io Integration account. This linking is to enable to you to create and execute B2B orchestrations in webMethods.io Integration for webMethods.io B2B.

How to Log In

Within a few minutes, Software AG sends you an email with the username you chose.

  1. Open the URL provided to you in the email.

  2. Log in using the username and the password you set during the registration process.

This point onwards, you can switch between the webMethods.io Integration and webMethods.io B2B instances using the app switcher from the My Cloud account.

From your cloud account, you can subscribe to more products from the Other Software AG Cloud Products list as highlighted in the following image:

If you are adding new administrator-users in your set-up, ensure that you switch to Administration using the app switcher.

Under My Cloud, click Add user.

Select the following user roles to enable the new administrator-user to operate with all the required permissions.

Click Open to see the initial setup page.

Tip: If you switch to another product instance using the app switcher and log out from that product, it does not log you out from webMethods.io B2B. To logout from webMethods.io B2B, switch back to it and then logout.

Note: If your webMethods.io B2B trial account is inactive for more than two days, then it gets deactivated automatically. After you log in, webMethods.io B2B reactivates your account. All assets are available after a short delay.

If you are logging in for the first time and if the tenant happens to be deactivated, then you must wait until the tenant is activated again. Thereafter, you must log out and login again to activate your subscription.

webMethods.io B2B provides better availability support for the product and infrastructure. This allows having multiple replicas for paid tenants. This capability ensures a new processing node is assigned as soon as the current processing node fails.
Note that this is only a high availability support, and not failover support. This means that the transactions in-flight may fail and those may need to be resubmitted or reprocessed. Any new transactions will be successfully processed on the newly assigned node.

How to Set Up My Enterprise

Click Set up my enterprise.

  1. Add an identity type and value.

  2. Add an address.

  3. Add a contact.

How to Create and Associate B2B Assets with Each Other

You must create several B2B assets and associate them with each other to set up your webMethods.io B2B product instance.

How to Create Partner Profiles

Go to Partners > Add partner profiles.

  1. Add an identity type and value.

  2. Add an address.

  3. Add a contact.

How to Create Channels

Depending on the type of documents that the business partners share and how they share, create:

  • Inbound channels
  • Outbound channels
  • Go to Communication > Channels > Add channel > Select Inbound channel or Outbound channel > Select Channel type > Type a channel name > Click Finish.

    If you have to troubleshoot, see here

    How to Associate the Inbound Channels with Partner Profiles

    Go to Partners > Select a Partner > Select Inbound channel > Associate Inbound Channel > Select the inbound channels you created > Add.

    How to Associate the Outbound Channels with Partner Profiles

    Go to Partners > Select a Partner > Select Outbound channel > Associate Outbound Channel > Select the outbound channels you created > Add.

    How to Create Partner Users

    Go to Partners > Partner users > Add partner user.

    How to Associate the Partner Users with Inbound Channels

    Go to Partners > Select a Partner > Select Inbound channel > Associate Inbound Channel > Select the inbound channels you created > Add.

    How to Activate Each of the Partner Profiles You Created

    Go to Partners > Select each partner profile > In the header bar, enable the profile by clicking Active.

    How to Add a Business Document

    webMethods.io B2B supports a comprehensive list of industry standard EDI business documents. You can add business documents of your requirement by selecting from a variety of the standards, versions, and transaction types in a single click without having to construct the document schema. For a complete list of out-of-the-box documents, refer to the online help available in the right-top corner.

    Each of the business partners in your network can use these business documents types to relay information.

    Ensure that the documents you add are enabled.

    Go to Documents > Business documents > Add Document.

    How to Create Processing Rules

    Create new processing rules, or use out-of-the-box processing rules to process the inbound documents in a specific manner.

    Go to Rules > Processing Rules > Create Processing Rule.

    The processing rules in webMethods.io B2B depend on webMethods.io Integration to execute integrations. FlowServices in webMethods.io Integration gives you the capability to create these integrations.

    How You Can Share the Inbound Endpoint URL With Your Partners

    To start receiving documents from your business partners, share your inbound channel endpoint URL with the partner user credentials.

    This is the inbound channel endpoint you created for each of the partners in step 5. For more detailed steps, see the Product Help.

    How You Can Start Monitoring Your Business Transactions

    Monitor, inspect, and track transactions using the monitoring screens.

    Go to Monitoring > Transactions.

    Know More

    webMethods.io B2B has a new and engaging user interface.

    1. How Does the Layout Look?

    2. Where Can I Learn More?

    How Does the Layout Look?

    Where Can I Learn More?

    You can explore TechCommunity, and the Software AG Cloud Developer Center for webMethods.io B2B.

    Information about the availability of webMethods.io B2B environments and planned maintenance downtime specific to your region or platform are available here. The following categories are available for the purpose of status monitoring in webMethods.io B2B:

    You can also visit this page for information about latest statistics on cloud system availability and for data on component level outages.