Release 1.5

This readme includes improvements, usage notes, and known and resolved issues that have been implemented for the B2B 1.5 release.


Component Description
Asset Migration You can now determine the success or failure of the asset migration activity, and resolve migration issues before they occur. You can migrate assets from an on-premise Trading Networks instance of the following versions:
  • 10.5 Trading Networks instance having Trading Networks Server 10.5 Fix 6 or higher versions
  • Trading Networks 10.7 instance having Trading Networks Server 10.7 Fix1 or higher versions
    For more information, see Importing Assets.
  • Transaction Search Using Transaction Filters You can search for transactions based on document attributes using transaction filters.
    For more information, see Transaction search.
    Reliable document delivery for partners You can now deliver document to partners in a reliable manner using this feature.
    For more information, see Reliable Delivery.
    Trading Partner Agreements Trading Partners can agree to exchange documents based certain exchange rules. Trading partner agreements help partners decide which parameters to adhere to, while exchanging EDI and RosettaNet business documents.
    For more information, see Working with Trading Partner Agreements.
    You can run integrations in Integration using the getTPA connector to retrieve Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) information from B2B. For information, see B2B Connector.
    Onboarding Partners Partners can now onboard themselves by filling-out details in the invitation you send.
    For more information, see Onboarding Partners.
    Exchanging documents with 2-Way SSL/TLS certificates You can now securely exchange business documents with your partners by generating or uploading an existing 2-Way SSL/TLS certificate.
    For more information, see Exchanging Business Documents with 2-Way SSL/TLS.
    Downloading Transactions and Activity Logs You can now download live transactions and activity logs on your local system.
    For more information, see Downloading Logs.
    Configuring Queues You can configure document delivery to trading partners by configuring queues.
    You can also enable, disable, drain, and suspend a queue.
    For more information, see Understanding Queues.
    Delivering EDI Documents in Batches You can now deliver documents to trading partners in batches at a time that is convenient for your business partner to process them.
    For more information, see What is EDI Batching?
    RNIF payload validation You can now validate the inbound and outbound RNIF payloads.
    Support for synchronous RNIF attachments You can now send attachments for synchronous one-action PIP documents.
    For more information, see Supported Channel Types and Details.
    Support for testIndicator and ackRequest generation in addInterchangeEnvelope EDI Connector in Integration You can now request for an acknowledgment in the interchange envelope and set the Test Indicator field for X12 and UN/EDIFACT documents.
    For more information, see Electronic Data Interchange Connector.
    Suspend delivery for a partner You can now enable or disable the document delivery to a partner.
    For more information, see Suspending or Resuming Document Delivery for a Partner.
    Support for RNIF-related parameters in the submit operation of B2B connector in Integration The document structure of params field in the submit operation is refactored to accommodate RNIF-related fields.
    For more information, see B2B Connector.
    Support for transaction segment and element-level FA generation for EDI documents You can now configure FA generation-level in EDI Trading Partner Agreements.
    For more information, see Working with EDI TPA Parameters.
    Support for exchanging XML documents over an AS2 channel You can now send and receive XML documents with business partners using an AS2 channel.
    Support for 01 and zz identification code qualifier for UNEDIFACT envelopes B2B now validates the UNB interchange headers having 01 and zz code qualifiers.
    For more information, see Electronic Data Interchange Connector.
    Feedback on Documentation You can now provide feedback on a page, specific content on a page, or on the B2B documentation website by using the feedback form.

    Usage Notes

    The following functionalities have certain restrictions in B2B system:

    Known Issues

    This section lists any issues for the current release that were known when this readme was published:

    Resolved Issues

    This section lists any issues that were resolved as part of this release: