Release 1.3

This readme includes improvements, usage notes, and known and resolved issues that have been implemented for the B2B 1.3 release.


Component Description
Support for XML document B2B now supports XML documents. It allows you to:
  • Extract and build from an existing XML schema.
  • Verify schema and associated processing rules using a testing tool.
  • Create custom document attributes and utilize them within processing rules.
For more information, see XML Documents.
Support for trading partner extended fields Extended fields are now available to hold unique data values for trading partners.

For more information, see Extended Fields.
User and role-based access You can assign one of the following roles to new users:
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • User
Each role allows specific access to features.

For more information, see User Roles.
Deployment A system to move, update or delete assets across registered environments.

For more information, see Migrating Assets.
Deployment logs All deployments are logged and available to view.

For more information, see Monitoring Deployment logs.
Data purging Data can be purged based on customized schedule.

For more information, see Purging Data.
Support for UN/EDIFACT 93A UN/EDIFACT 93A standard document types are now available.

For more information, see Supported Business Documents.

Usage Notes

The following functionalities have certain restrictions in B2B system:

Known Issues

Resolved Issues